Development: Creating a Theme

In this section, you will learn the essentials and basic information needed to create your first theme. You will find information on where to start, and information about using all of our theme creation tools.

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Background Information

When Apple was still developing it's Copland operating system, one of the wow technologies they showcased was the ability to change the appearance of the system through the use of Appearance Themes. No mere font or color changes, these appearances allowed a whole sale change of the user interface. Copland was eventually killed but the theme concept lived on and with System 8.5 Apple finally had the elements in place to allow users to use these new appearances. Two actual theme appearances were distributed with early builds of System 8.5: Gizmo and Hi-Tech, along with the standard system appearance Platinum. Later a new theme, Drawing Board, designed by Apple Japan turned up. When it was time to ship however, Apple decided against releasing additional theme appearances and System 8.5 was released with just the standard Apple Platinum appearance.

A few people who had seen the beta themes thought that this technology was just too cool to die and decided to build an editor that would allow everyone to create their own themes. The Allegro Themes Project was born.

Unfortunately, our editor is not currently in a state that will allow you to create themes independently or without a bit of work. But do not let that stop you. This document is intended to enable you to use the current tools to make your own themes, gaining fame and fortune as a famous theme appearance author.

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