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Designing Your Theme

Before you do anything, you should design how you want the various elements of your theme to look. Things will go much more smoothly and quickly if you already have a mock-up of the windows already drawn. You might want to take a screen snapshot of an existing window from Platinum to get basic dimensions down (Cmd-Shift-4). If you're using Photoshop, putting each theme element (close box, scrollbar arrows) on it's own layer will make things easier when you're ready to transfer things to your theme.

You might also want to consider how your target theme has it's resources laid out. All but the most basic editing is going to require that you edit the layo resource that tells the Appearance Manager (AM) how to draw your theme elements.

Theme Resources

This is probably a good time to introduce the theme elements you'll be dealing with. A breif description of the main theme resources is below. The document "Resource Documentation" contains detailed information about these resources and more.

Tools Needed

The first thing you need to understand is that due to the incomplete nature of ThemeMachine, this process is not for the new user. You need to have some technical ability, and you need the following: After you get these tools, and are finished reading this document, I recommend you read the other documents in this section.

Home: Design a ThemeToolsDownloads

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