When Apple was still developing it's Copland operating system, one of the 'wow' technologies they showcased was the ability to change the appearance of the system. No mere font or desktop picture changes, these appearances allowed a wholesale change of the user interface. Copland eventually had to be killed but the theme concept lived on, and with System 8.5 Apple finally had the elements in place to allow users to use these new appearances. Several theme appearances were distributed with early builds of the system, but were later removed from the shipping product. While Apple has no plans on creating themes of it's own, they will live, in one form or another, clear into Mac OS X.
A few people who had seen the beta theme appearances thought that this technology was too cool to die and decided to build an Open Source editor that would allow everyone to create their own themes. The Allegro Themes Project was born.


Theme Machine is still under development. After some time off, we're working on the editor again. If you're interested in helping to develop the program and have CodeWarrior 5+ please contact Ryan McGann.
While Theme Machine isn't yet the standalone application that it will be, it is possible to edit current themes using the current suite of tools. You can get more information on developing your own theme in our Theme Dev section.
Updates on our progress can be found at the News section of our website, or by joining our mailing lists.

Becoming a Project Member

If your are interested in our project, and wish to become a project member, first you must become a member of Sourceforge, our project's web host, and service provider. For that, you can visit Sourceforge's New Member Page.
Then, contact one of our Project administrators, and include the member login name you chose for sourceforge (case sensitive), so we can include you.

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