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They say no news is good news...

(February 15, 2002)

Honestly, we have basically nothing else to say. OS X themes are few and far between, for the simple reason of how themes are handled in OS X.. which is not very well at all. Someday, should apple bring back themes at their fullest to OS X, we'll be here, and we'll be right on top of it. In the mean time, we'll continue to think about if and how we are ever going anywhere with this project, and, we'll be scouring around for all the theme authors out there (and their themes).. Which brings me to the one announcement we do have:

New Themes Section

Today, we'd like to sort of kind of unveil our new themes archive. It's eventually aimed at being the largest and most complete Mac OS Themes archive on the 'net.. eventually being the key word. At this point, everything *should* work. The main section of note, is the submit a theme section. We now have capabilities to allow theme authors to sign up for a developer account, and then submit and edit all their themes. The whole system is database driven, so changes are instant, and changes can be made without any work by us lazy people (such as myself). We urge anyone who is a theme author, has some themes laying around, whatever, to try it out.. please help us make this a reality! Keep in mind, this is relatively untested (okay, so it's almost totally untested).. so don't be surprised if you find something wrong, or get a message that makes you cringe and think you broke something. Just please report the problem right quick to our webmaster, SPOOF, and someone will do their best to fix it at some point.