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Developer Credits & Contact Info

The following credits are for people who have helped with programming, and/or documenting any of our available apps.


Dave MacLachlan - Out of the country and without access to a computer as he tracks the legendary sasquatch. Dave spent a good deal of the time immediately before Christmas getting the new version ready and adding new features.

Ryan McGann - Ryan is in charge of merging the existing codebase with the new version and implementing the next stage of the project. We’re also trying to get him to spend more time programming rather than going out to clubs with the ladies and getting liquored up.

Waqar Malik - When not working slavishly for a Company Which Can Not Be Named, Waqar is setting up our CVS server and helping out with merging the code tree and getting all the various bits to play nicely with each other. He’s also going to set up some of the tools developed for his company’s open source project that will make the submission of new code easier to handle.

Your Name Here - You know you want to be famous like these guys. If you have CodeWarrior 5 we can use you - no matter how feeble you think your skills are there is always something we can stick you with.

Resource Engineers

Dave MacLachlan -
Tom Fisher -
Lars Grauland -
Steve Lobsinger -
Holger Engleitner -


Steve Lobsinger -
Smitty -
Dave MacLachlan -

StartMac OS XThemeMachineDownloads

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